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Eyelash Extensions

The latest trend to the beauty fashion, eyelash extensions are so popular that beauty salons across the United States and around the world are catching on. This exciting new technique to extend the length and thickness of eyelashes spreads from Asia to America, from Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton to salons near you.

Imagine looking fresh and beautiful to your beautiful long eyelashes when you first wake up without makeup. When done professionally, the luscious and natural look of the eyelash extensions requires very little maintenance and can last up to 6~8 weeks.

What Are Eyelash Extensions Made Of?

Unlike fake lashes that are applied all in one strip, eyelash extensions are individual lashes, made of synthetic single fibers polyester materials, and applied one strand at a time directly onto human lashes. The semi permanent eyelash extensions come in various lengths, thickness, color and curves. They are virtually weightless and feel completely natural.

How To Apply Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are usually applied by a trained salon professional. Do-it-yourself is possible only if you have taken professional training classes and confident in your own ability and follow the instructions very carefully, otherwise do-it-yourself is not recommended. This painless procedure usually takes 1~2 hours for a full set of roughly 40~60 lashes per eye. In order to maintain the best looks of your eyelash extensions, touch-ups are a must and should be done every 2~3 weeks.

Where Can I Get Eyelash Extensions Applied?

Your will find most salons nowadays offer eyelash extension service along with other beauty services like nails and hair. The price for a full set typically runs from $150~$300, depending on the market. A touch-up is around $35 and up depending how many lashes to be refilled. For the professionals, the revenue generated can be substantial.

What Does Ango Company Do?

Ango company are specialized in selling professional quality eyelash extension and false lash products. The company distributes premium quality eyelash extensions to beauty professionals and salons around the worldwide at very competitive pricing. Ango products include eyelash extension kits, eyelash extension glue and remover, eyelash extension tweezers, waterproof & sleep-proof coating mascara, real mink lashes and premium quality false lashes.

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