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Ango Eyelash Extension Black Coating Mascara
Ango Eyelash Extension Black Coating Mascara
Ango Eyelash Extension Black Coating Mascara
Item#: COAT1


This Ango waterproof coating mascara specially formulated for eyelash extension users. Now you can wear eyelash extensions with mascara too. It is designed to not only enchance the thickness and make eyelashes more vivid, also protect eyelash extensions from moisture and dust, and help strengthen the bonding effect so your eyelash extensions can last longer. This product is good for both professional use and customer's daily use.

  • Ango coating mascara is gentle enough for your clients to wear every day.
  • Is an extremely effective tool to hold eyelash extensions for longer life.
  • Increases the bonding strength to all semi-permanent eyelashes.
  • Protect the extensions against breakage.
  • Protects the lash extensions from sweat, tears, dirt and pollution.
  • Give your lashes a thicker, more vivid and luxurious look.
  • Apply the Ango mascara 10 minutes after the lash extension procedure.
  • Apply 2~3 coats.
  • Apply more coats will increase the thickness of the lashes.
  • Repeat every 5~7 days as needed.
  • This Ango coating mascara is water-proof and sleep-proof.
  • No need to remove it before sleep.
  • To remove, just wash off with oil free cleanser.


For first time user, practice this before applying it on real lashes by applying a small amount on the back of your hand, wait about 3 minutes to let it dry, then use your finger to scratch it off your skin, you will notice a thin layer of the coating peeled off. This would give you a feel of what would be like when you apply it on the lashes, and what would be the proper amount and thickness you should apply on real lash extensions.